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Let’s Make Wildcard Certificates with Certbot, Docker, and Route53

In case you haven’t heard, Let’s Encrypt now supports wildcard certificates as a feature of the new ACME v2 protocol.¬†However, current client support is still somewhat limited, as the Let’s Encrypt CA requires domain validation via DNS-01 challenge. To further complicate things, DNS-01 requires programmatic access to your nameservers. But let’s assume you are already […]

Wake-on-LAN Wrapper Script Revisited

Almost a year ago, I posted this article describing a simple, CLI-based way to trigger the Wake-on-LAN *magic packet* on your network to wake a sleeping machine. Trouble is, that script is showing its age, taking advantage of some deprecated utilities to perform its function. This updated script performs the same task using a more […]

MySQL: Copying Column Data Between Tables

Everyone who administrates databases, large or small, will eventually encounter the need to copy data from one table to another. This often occurs in application development when tweaking data model designs, copying data stored in an existing table into a newly-created table. In such cases it is often also necessary to update the existing table […]