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Apache and SSL – The Easy Way

It’s no secret–SSL is confusing. Creating and signing certificates is a convoluted process, especially from the command line. Fortunately, Debian-based systems have an easy way for Apache users to create, sign, and install their own SSL certs. This tutorial assumes that Apache is already installed with the default configuration. ### Configure SSL ### Step one […]

Shred Empty Drive Space

If you are familiar with the **shred** command, you know it is an easy way to make sure sensitive data is *really* deleted. Shred overwrites a file with random data before deleting it, so that the original data cannot be recovered. Shred works by overwriting the data *in place*, or over top of the original […]

Strong Password Generator in Python

I wanted a CLI-based strong password generator for Linux. `mkpasswd` is nice, but I wanted something more flexible. I didn’t like having to provide my own character sequence. I wanted something with a built-in character sequence generator with an easy way to control the likelihood of numbers and symbols. I wanted something that could read […]