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Node.js & less on Media Temple Grid

Maybe I’m crazy, but I wanted to install Node.js in a (gs) shared hosting environment so that I could compile and save small changes to my LESS-based stylesheets via SSH without having to maintain a local working copy. That’s right. I said it. I change files in a live environment sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong […]

Getting .bashrc to work on MediaTemple’s Grid Service

I’m spoiled, guys and gals. I can’t work without my dotfiles. Watching me work in a vanilla bash shell is excruciating, like watching someone walk with those drunk-driving goggles–fumbling and stumbling through an environment completely devoid of the shortcuts and settings upon which I’ve come to rely so heavily. Even for something as simple as […]

SSH From the Inside

Problem I need SSH access to a particulr machine (schoolsvr) which is behind a NAT. I only need to enable access from a single client (homesvr), which has a public IP address of its own. Both machines are running sshd. I can access homesvr from a shell on schoolsvr, but not vise-versa. If I had […]